Ikaros "Ike" Nathaniel Coy
Age: 20
Gender: Male
About: Ike's bright future as a journalist shattered unexpectedly after he ended high school. After being thrown out by his landlord, with no friends neither family to help him, an editor of a magazine sends him off to Denent, "Demented City" for a last chance.

Skulltwit "Skull" Van De Uil
Age: Estimated 20-25
Gender: Male
About: Skulltwit is the first person Ike meets in the city, and is also the first person to point a gun at him.

Christian "Chris" Banks
Age: ???
Gender: Male
About: Chris is the editor of Wintercrown press, and is Ike's new, very strange, boss.
He owns the felitera Natasha.

Age: ???
Gender: Female
About: Natasha is a Felitera, an crossbreed between cat and bat that has been developed inside the city.
While feliteras usually are unfriendly and aggressive creatures, Natasha has a very kind and gentle nature, ever since Chris took care of her as a kitten.

Age: ???
Gender: Male
About: A very peculiar man Ike meets during his first night in the city.

Age: 28
Gender: Male
About: Ike's co-worker at Wintercrown Press.

-More info coming soon as more characters reveal!-

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